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Topcon LS-B100

Topcon LS-B100
Product Code: LS-B100
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LS-B100 Series Features: 

  • Large working range
  • 360° detection
  • Rugged, waterproof design
  • Wireless & CAN compatible
  • On-grade matching
  • Plumb/Tilt Indication
  • Universal pole clamp

Built-to-use – built-to-last Topcon's LS-B100 / 110 series are Advanced technology, value-priced laser receivers for dozers, scrapers, excavators, backhoes, and drag-boxes. All LS-B100 / LS-B110 receivers feature simple, secure mechanical mounting, 360° beam detection, adjustable on-grade accuracy, alkaline or rechargeable battery operation, water and dust proof cast construction, and bright multi-color LED displays.

Looking for a great value on a Laser Sensor for your earth moving machines? Check out the LS-B100. Fast to set up and easy to use, this affordable depth control sensor can be mounted to your equipment and working within minutes. This unit is packed full of features such as an Accuracy Mode and Battery Life Indicator. Plus, it has a Power Save/Auto Cut Off function to save your battery life. The LS-B100 is a low-cost grade indicate solution that makes any operator more productive.


Detector Angle    360°

Detector Range    250mm (6.8in)

Detectable Laser Wave Length    633 to 785nm

Detective Precision    Mode1: ±3mm (0.009ft)

Mode2: ±6mm (0.019ft)

Mode3: ±15mm (0.049ft)

Mode4: ±30mm (0.098ft)

Laser Detecting Range(diameter)    800m (2625ft) (using RL-100 1S/2S)


On-Grade Zone (LED)    .08, .24, .47, 1.18 inches, 2, 6, 12, 30 mm

LED Grade Indicators    Red (up arrow) , Green (–), Red (down arrow)

LED Grade Patterns    5 grade, 2 lost beam, 1 low battery, 1 level alert

LCD    one side

LCD Grade Indicators    11 channels, on-grade + 5 gradual triangles

LCD Backlight    yes(wo/Auto)

Low Battery Indicator    LED pattern & LCD symbol

Transmitter Low Battery Ind.    LCD symbol

Transmitter Level Indicator    LCD symbol


Dimensions(W/D/H)    158x166x357 (mm) (6.2”x6.5”x14.0”)(With Mechanical Clamp)

Weight (Without cells)    2.0kg (4.4lbs)

Mountings    built-in magnet mount, grade rod clamp attachement

Dual Sided Magnet Mount    yes

Buttons    3 (1power, 1mode, 1buzzer)

Beeper    dual tone; loud and light

Housing    ABS

Batteries    C-size dry cells 4pcs.

Battery Life    Approximately 40 Alkaline hours, 18 rechargeable hours


Operating Temperature    -20ºC to + 50ºC (-4ºF to +122ºF)

Storage Temperature    -30 to +60 degrees Celsius

Humidity    95% 40°C 48H

Vibration    JIS A 8101

Electrical    EN55022 Class A,

Waterproof    IP66


Optional Remote Grade Display:yes; RD-100W, via BT

Wireless Communication: 20m RD-100W

Power Save and Laser-on: power save in after 5 min with no beam detection, power back upon Laser

Auto Shutoff: after 30 minutes

Mode to turn off LED: yes

Bluetooth: no (only LS-B110W)